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Back Pain Specialist

Capital Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Robert Moses, DC

Chiropractor & Wellness Center located in Rockville, MD

Back Pain is a common issue for people in the Rockville, MD area. Dr. Robert Moses is a chiropractor at Capital Chiropractic & Wellness Center who has extensive experience in helping patient beat Back Pain in a natural way.

Back Pain Q&A

Who Gets Back Pain?

Back pain can happen to nearly anyone today, and it is one of the most frequent complaints that people take to medical field caregivers. Everyone from children to super seniors can have back pain. Around 31 million people in America have back pain today, and it is a leading cause of disability. As much as 80 percent of people living in the United States today will deal with back pain at some point.

Why Does Back Pain Happen?

Back pain happens for a number of different reasons. Disc degeneration, which occurs slowly over time in most people, is a common cause of back pain. With disc degeneration, the pain happens gradually and will grow worse and worse over time. Eventually, it may be nearly unbearable unless the patient sees a chiropractor for help. Accidents are also common causes of back pain. This may include auto accidents, sports accidents, and other sudden accidents like slips and falls. Poor posture is a major reason for back pain. Years of slumping or hunching will result in a badly misaligned spine, and this carries considerable pain with it. Diseases like arthritis can cause back pain because they have a negative impact on the joints. Even congenital disease, for example, scoliosis, can cause back pain.

What is the First Back Pain Exam Like?

The back pain exam will begin with an in-depth talk with the chiropractor. The chiropractor will ask questions about the pain while doing a gentle exam. If the doctor needs to get a closer look at the area of injury, x-rays may be done as well. This gives the chiropractor the information they need to make a diagnosis and design the ideal back pain treatment plan.

What is Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain Like?

Spinal adjustment will correct the misalignment that is causing the pain for many people. There are also a variety of highly effective physical therapy treatments for back pain patients, including myofascial release, massage, stretching, axial ultrasound therapy, moist heat therapy, cold pack therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and specific exercise regimens can also help.


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